To ensure that the child grows into a confident, intelligent and responsible citizen, we record the all-round development and education of the child. The school believes in continuous assessment of the child on the basis of his/her day-to-day performance in all the fields.
Classes I to II
No formal examination system is followed. The child’s day to day performance in academics, co-curricular and sports related activities is observed constantly and the record of this assessment is sent to the parents from time to time. There will be no cumulative or final Result. They will be assessed monthly. There is no detention. The class could be repeated with the consent of the parents only.
Class III to V
In these classes, along with the continuous assessment, cycle tests are conducted four times in a year in all the academic subjects. The students are awarded grades. In these classes, the weightage of marks for the final result will be 25% each of the Cycle Tests.
Class VI to VIII
In these classes, Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) is followed. CCE aims to hone and evaluate the students holistically. Two terms have been suggested during a year. Term 1 From April to September and Term 2 From October to March. Both terms will have 2 formative and 1 summative assessment.